VagTacho K+CAN

VAG Kombiinstrument / Immo box eeprom programmer! Win 8, Win 7, Vista, Win XP, Win 98 compatible software! Support for VDO dashes for Audi,VW,Skoda,Seat from years 2009-2011 with NEC mcu and 24C32 or 24C64 eeprom. Important: These dashes requires ignition to be switched on with valid key of the car!

Support for Magnetti Marelli MM5/7/9 dashes for VW from years 2009-2013 with NEC mcu and 95320 eeprom.CAN-UDS protocol. PIN code reading via OBD for VW cars: GOL , FOX, SAVEIRO G5 from years 2009-2013. 9S12 MCU with, or without external eeprom. K-Line-KWP2000 protocol.

"Write NEW ID" to Megamos ID48 CLONE! Copy of some Daewoo/Chevy keys with Megamos ID48 over ID48 clone :)

Built-in programmer for Megamos ID48 transponders! Pre-programming of TP2x transponders as dealer's keys with component security data which is read from immobiliser!

NEW Super Rapid key programming feature for VAG cars with VDO dashes on CAN bus! ( TP2 and UDS protocols )

Upgrade your Vagtacho with Programmer for Megamos ID48 transponders!

TP22,23,24,25 Transponders on Sale! Click here!



OPEL Immobilizer diagnostic software V3.50

Opel cars with Immo1,2 and Immo3 (CAN bus) supported up to year 2009

! NEW ! Programming of new keys for FIAT cars: Palio, Siena, Strada, Uno with immobiliser inside the dashboard on CAN bus from year 2008+! Pin code and pre-programmed with TM Pro2 module #100 transponders are required!

Important note for FIAT cars! Click here!

Pin code reading from engine ecu of some Opel cars with Immo2. Program/erase keys of immo1,2 and 3. Pin code is required! Clear engine ecu, adaptation of virgin ecu to Immo2. Clear immo2, immo3, adaptation of virgin Immo2 to engine ecu.

Customers who have got Vagtacho get this tool for free !

Vagtacho + Opel immo tool price: 390 euros with free shipping by Air Mail !

This price does not include built-in transponder key programmer !

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Vagtacho V5.0 and the older versions, are not for sale anymore! :)

The chinese scrap is not on sale here :)

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