Vagtacho version K+CAN

Built-In programmer for Megamos ID48 chips

How to program new transponder keys with Vagtacho

Requires Transponder Key Programmer hardware upgrade! Buy upgrade for TP2x!

Programming of new flipping blade key.

Put the new key on the interface as it is shown on the picture. The metal blade of key must be outside white circle which is printed on sticker! The key must touch plastic case of OBD interface.

Programming of new transponder TP2x.

Put the new transponder over interface into centre of circle as it is shown on the picture. The transponder must touch plastic case of OBD interface.

This type key can not be programmed with transponder which is already inserted into key. The transponder has to be removed from key, and has to be programmed separately.

There is "Unlock Transponder" function, it can be used to unlock used or locked transponders. When the transponder is successfuly unlocked, it can be used again with another car.

Note: Only transponders with default unlock password can be unlocked, if the password is changed, the unlocking is not possible.

Hint: Click "Set Default Unlock Pass" prior programming of the transponder, this will write the default unlock password in transponder!

Pre-programming of new TP2x transponders as dealer's keys is possible too.

First upload the immobiliser's data file into memory buffer. The file may be read with Vagtacho,Vagdashcan, or other tools. The type of supported files is from VDO dashes only, produced between year 2003 and 2008 with Micronas CDC32xxx MCU or Fujitsu MB91xxx MCU.

Press "Transponder"-"Write CS data from File"

If the data file is good, a message will be shown. Check the type of transponder key!

TP22 for SEAT, TP23 for VW, TP24 for SKODA, TP25 for AUDI

Put the new transponder over Vagtacho OBD case and press OK. The transponder will be pre-programmed for the car in 2 seconds. After that the transponder has to be programmed to the car by using Vagtacho, Vagdashcan, VCDS or any other key programming tool for VAG cars.

If you see this warning message, this means that immobiliser data file is wrong. You may discard this warning by pressing "OK", however the programming of the new key may not be successful.

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