Vagtacho K+CAN

With this upgrade, your Vagtacho will support newer Magnetti Marelli NEC+95320 Dashboards MY2010-2013.

This upgrade is NOT included in the standart version!

The benefits with this upgrade are:

Mileage change and read-write of encrypted Component Security Data of Magnetti Marelli with NEC mcu and 95320 eeprom on CAN bus UDS protocol. These dashboards uses 128 bits AES algorithm for mileage and CS data encryption. Algorithm uses encryption key stored in flash memory, it is not possible to change mileage or CS data without that encryption key. Further more, the dashboard writes mileage also into flash memory, so only eeprom data change is not enough! Vagtacho can change both memories: EEPROM and FLASH! Without disassembly of the dashboard! ONLY via OBD! Automatic correction of mileage when display shows "Error" or "------"

The same upgrade also enables immo data change via OBD of Magnetti Marelli dashboards MY2015+ with Motorola MCU 9S12HXZ384 with write protected immo data.

Click Immo Data Editor for more information.

The price of MMKM upgrade is 200 euros.

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