Vagtacho K+CAN Immo Data Editor.

Works only with CAN bus instrument panels made by VDO with Micronas or NEC MCU MY2003+

and some Magnetti Marelli panels with NEC or 9S12 MCU MY2009+

FREE software update for all interfaces!

Connect your Vagtacho cable to computer. Select proper tacho from "Select ECU" menu. Click "File" and upload data dump in memory buffer. Click "View Memory Buffer" and data dump will be shown. For VDO panels with NEC or Micronas MCU use only "Encrypted part" of eeprom data memory. For Marelli use all eeprom data memory. See the next picture.

Click "Show Data". New frame with immo data will opens if the data dump is good. All immo data can be changed from another type dashboard. Just copy text data from all fields and paste them to a new data file. When the required changes are done, click "Change Immo Data". After that you can save changed data to file, or can write it into the dashboard - use "Write EEprom" feature. After successful write of the new data, reset dashboard: Click "Options" - > "Reset Tacho"

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This is editor of Magnetti Marelli dashboards MY2015+ with 9S12XHZ384 MCU and write protected Immo Data!

When you want to change immo data use Vagtacho Immo Data Editor! First load the original eeprom data of the dashboard into memory buffer. Click "Show Data" and Immo data editor will be open. After that change immo data fields and press Change Immo Data. The new file must looks like that one on the picture! CS data must be written at addresses $0444- $0467 hex! This data can not be read via OBD, so this procedure is a must!

Warning! Wrong data, or skip of that procedure will result in faulty immobiliser!

When you are ready with the new immo data, connect the dashboard again. Software will get access, click "Options" -> "Immo Data Editor" . See the picture. After that warning window will be open, confirm write and wait while operation is finished. It takes about 10 seconds. Vagtacho will write only data from address $0410 to $050F. The other data will not be changed.

CAUTION! This procedure requires VALID KEY! Ignition must be switched ON with Valid Key! If you do not have valid key, program one with Vagtacho. After immo data change, the valid key may become invalid depending on the data that is changed!

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