How to Upgrade Your Vagtacho interface with Programmer for Megamos ID48 chips

This upgrade is possible for interfaces with CAN bus hardware ONLY!


1. If you can not work with soldering iron, you may not be able to do this upgrade by yourself.

2. Wrong or bad mounting of this programmer may result in malfunction of the main board, and / or the programmer board.


1. Start "Vagtacho.exe" and connect OBD interface to USB port.

2. Test the interface: click "Transponder"-"Read Megamos ID48"

3. If Vagtacho shows message: "Transponder key Programmer Not Found" , this means that your hardware needs to be upgraded with that programmer. If Vagtacho shows message: "Transponder Not Found" this means that your Vagtacho already has got transponder key programmer. You will need only TP2x upgrade.

Unscrew all four screws with screwdriver and open interface. Mount the programmer board over five pins connector on the main board as it is shown on the picture. Solder only one of the pins at first time. Carefully close upper cover of interface and test whether interface can be assembled without effort. Both covers must be attached each other without any distance between them. If you see that there is distance between the covers, open interface again, and solder the programmer board closer to the main board. Do not put the both boards too close! This will decrease the sensitivity of the coil! The coil must touch upper cover of interface after the final assembly! When you are sure that both covers are tightly attached one to another, solder all five pins as it is shown on the picture.

Solder Red and Black wires at the bottom of the main board as it is shown on the picture. Before the final assembling of interface, make sure that both wires are not tightened by the plastic covers or the main board. Carefully close covers and screw the four screws back at their places. Stick black sticker on upper cover of interface, make sure that the white circle is onto the coil of the programmer board!

Now you can test the interface: Start "Vagtacho.exe" and connect the interface to computer. Put any Megamos ID48 transponder key into the center of white circle and press "Transponder"-"Read Megamos ID48"

After successful upgrade, the ID number of this transponder will be shown on screen.

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