Immo tool version 2.0

How to program new keys to Fiat cars

Switch ignition ON, Start software, and select Fiat Delphi BCM from Select ECU menu. Press "Connect Selected ECU" button, after 2 seconds BCM will be connected. Press "Read PIN", software will read data from BCM and after few seconds all data about keys and pin code will be printed on screen. Press "File" - "Save File" and save all data to file. This file is for use with TMPro2 only! Click "Disconnect" and pre-program the new key or remote with build-in tranponder key programmer - see the next picture.

Switch ignition off, disconnect OBD interface from the car and put new transponder or remote key over OBD interface.

Click Key Programming Guide for more information how to pre-program new keys or remotes.

Press " Transponder " - " Write Hitag2 " A new window will opens, select type of new key and program new key or remote with build-in transponder key programmer. Customers who do not have build-in transponder key programmer in their OBD interfaces, can use TMPro2 module #59

TM-Pro will works with eeprom or data file which is already saved. If you do not have TMPro tool, use any HITAG2 transponder programmer. Copy - Paste the data for each transponder page to transponder programmer software.

Use NEW PCF7936 transponder or NEW remote control key for FIAT cars!

Write Hitag2 function will be enabled AFTER successfull reading of BCM's data! If pin code is not read, this feature is disabled!

When the new key is pre-programed for the car, turn on ignition with the new key, connect BCM again, enter pin code and press "Program New Key". Press "GO" and immobiliser will check key on ignition lock. There will be message about key - is it OK for programming or not. Program ALL available keys for that car! After the last key, press "Disconnect" ! This final step is REQUIRED! Otherwise key programming procedure will not be completed!

CAUTION! When program more than one key, there is only 15 seconds time out to insert next key! If the ignition is off for more time, immobiliser will cancel key programming mode and it have to be started again!

! WARNING ! Any old valid key which is not programmed together with the new keys, can NOT be programmed again!

And last: There is usefull feature which can reset used transponders or remote keys. First read data from BCM again. After that put valid remote key or transponder over OBD interface and press "Transponder"-"Set Default SK" This procedure will set default secret key of Hitag2 transponder and that transponder or remote key can be used again with other car!

There are rules about that procedure:

1. Transponder must be unlocked.

2. Data from BCM must be read, and transponder key have to be programmed to the car.

3. Only transponders from other cars can not be reset, the data from car's BCM is a must!

Immo tool do not lock transponder keys! So, you can reset all transponder keys and remotes which are programmed with this tool! There will be message on screen whether transponder is reset or not.

How to read pin code from engine ECU

This procedure works with Opel Immo2 cars ONLY!

Switch ignition ON, Start software, and select engine ecu type from menu. Press "Connect Selected ECU" button, after 5 seconds the data of the ECU will be shown on screen. Press "Read PIN", software will read data from the engine ecu and after few seconds two pin codes will be displayed on screen. One for petrol engine and one for diesel engine. Choice the correct pin code depending on engine type - diesel or petrol. If you have selected wrong ecu, "message lost error"will be issued, and the connection with ecu will be terminated. You can select other ecu, and can try again.

Warning: Selecting "Delco All Types" will read pin code but also will set trouble code 0602 in engine ecu, which can't be erased!!! Use this option only if you don't care about this trouble code!

Connect immo2, and press"Special functions". New window will be open. Select desired operation and after that enter the correct pin code. The commands "Clear engine ecu" and "Clear immobiliser2" requires additional wait time, from 10 minutes to several hours in the worst case. The car have to be left with ignition switched ON during this wait time! During this wait time, you can turn off your laptop.

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