Immo Tool V2.2

With this upgrade, your Immo Tool will support newer Delphi Body Control Modules for FIAT cars MY2007-2017

This upgrade is not included in the standart version of Vagtacho! Works with Immo Tool V2.2 ONLY!

The benefits with this upgrade are:

PIN code reading , key data reading, Key or Remote programming via OBD! Supported Delphi Body Control Modules: NEC MCU uPD70F3237,3379,3556,3557,3633 with dataflash or external eeprom.


The new keys or remotes have to be pre-programmed with transponder key programmer. You can use build-in programmer in Immo Tool OBD interface!

Click here: Transponder Key Programming Guide

Customers who do not have transponder key programmer inside OBD interface, can use TMPro tool module #59 , or other HITAG2 transponder programmer! After pre-programming, the new key or remote have to be progammed to the car with Immo tool via OBD.


Pre-Programming of Hitag2 transponder keys or remotes with Vagtacho build-in programmer is possible only with interfaces which are produced and purchased after 1.Aug.2018!

Pre-Programming of Megamos ID88 remotes requires TM-Pro and module #221! TMPro tool module #221

Click Key Programming Guide for more information.

The price of Fiat BCM upgrade is 200 euros.

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